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Basic character of Indonesia people is quiet, polite and not straight to the point. It should be well understood since we are living with many ethnic groups, with different habits, language and also life style. In this situation, you should be careful if you make interaction and communication with others. Because; as example verbal communication; the words you used in your conversation may be not too dangerous in your ethnic groups, but it will be dangerous in other groups.

Therefore, symbolic cultural is growing in Indonesia. Every message is usually being delivered using symbolic language to reduce problems occurred. To know a real meaning of something you cannot directly get from the visual, but you should develop ability to understand deeply than you see or listen. It needs ability of meditation and self-possession.

Every thing is symbolic here, representing the meaning inside. White color is meaning a holy, righteous, no contamination, true. Red color means brave. Blue color means calm, faithfulness. Black means a mystery. Yellow means richness, wealth. It is just example of symbolic cultural in color usage.

Symbolic also can be found in our traditional dance. Every movement in our dance represents specific meaning; sometime its meaning is very deep and useful for our daily life. It is more transcendent than just as an art.

This situation may be difficult to be understood by western people. But, impossible is nothing. All people from whole the world can enjoy and understand our culture, even though need a bit effort.