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Indonesia national flag is Sang Saka Merah Putih (Red and white flag). Our flag is similar with Manaco’s. Also similar with Poland’ flag but with opposite composition.

Our flag is one of good example about symbolic culture. Red and white flag has been used as flag of battle by our ancient kingdom as Sriwijaya (8 AD century) and Majapahit (13 AD century).

Our Red and White flag represents Indonesia Revolution. During Dutch occupation in the past, you will be jailed and killed if you make or show Red and White. Why ? Because it represents our spirit for independence.

Red in our flag means brave. Red represents our blood which spilled out to take away our independence. White means holy, sterile, purification. White represents our bone which be sacrificed for fighting colonialism and imperialism.

In our culture, we treat our red and white flag as a high value heritage as representing the sacrifice of our heroes and founding father during independence revolution. Therefore, don’t be under estimate for our flag.

Indonesia has good experience in the past about this condition. Surabaya, October 1945, several Dutch officers put out Dutch’s flag (Red-White-Blue) on the top of Hotel Yamato in Surabaya, capital of East Java. This situation as like provocation for Indonesian which celebrating its independence which proclaimed on 17 Aug 1945. Therefore, all Surabaya people finally crowd around the hotel to perform demonstration demanding put off Dutch’s flag. Finally one Dutch officer was killed in this incident and several young people was lowering the Dutch’s flag, tearing the blue part and then put out again the flag, now in Red and White only.

Source of photo:

(Osa Kurniawan Ilham, Balikpapan – Borneo)