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Officially, Indonesia has 2 seasons; dry season and rain season. Dry season is usually in April until September and Rain season is in October until February. But, due to global warming our seasons now have changed, cannot well predicted as previously.

As a joke, we also have other many seasons here such as durian season, mango season, banana season, pineapple season, etc. Don’t be mixed. It is not talking about natural season, but fruit season. For you info, in our country, fruit is still farmed traditionally therefore fruit cannot be produced along a year depend on its fertilization. For instance, durian is produced during November until March. Different fruit has different periods.

Seasons is very influencing the life-style in Indonesia, including their cultural life. As info, Indonesia is agricultural country since most of citizen work as farmer. Long time ago when agriculture is performed traditionally, our people only work during rain season. During dry season, the people will be more creative to produce culture as well as dance, song, music or traditions ceremonies.

Most of Indonesia culture is affected by agricultural. You will know the legend of Dewi Sri here to express our appreciation to God who gives us rice as source of food. I will write about this later.
Since the most area of Indonesia is sea, and very affected by seasons, cultural among people which stay in beach area is also affected by sea and season. You will know the legend of Nyi Roro Kidul who believed by most of Java people as queen of India Ocean. I also will write about this in next opportunity.