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Until 9 years ago, people knew Jember only as a small city in the south area of East Java province with population of Madura ethnic group. There is no interesting matter in this area except its beautiful beach which called as Ulu watu beach.

However, everything is changing now. Jember now is becoming a famous city in Indonesia. It was started on 2001 when a fashion designer named Dynand Fariz had a idea to perform mass fashion carnival in his origin city, Jember.

This fashion carnival is unique as involving all society (not limited to modeling or fashion community), not only Jember citizen but also participants from other cities. In the first performance, the people was under estimate about the success of this carnival because Jember didn’t have history and experience related to design or fashion in the past. But, in fact the first performance was successful and this year (2009) Dynand Fariz is successful to perform 8th Jember Fashion Carnaval (JFC).

8th Jember Fashion Carnaval was performed on 2 August 2009 with the theme “World Unity” and successfully to be watched by 300.000 people. The participants are 600 people, displaying contemporary fashion and choreography on the catwalk with length as 3.6 km. There were 8 sub-themes to be displayed in this performance mean while the sub-theme was displayed through the fashion and choreography.

Sub-theme Upper Ground displayed the fashions with equipped by vegetables and fruits as a symbol for food crisis. Sub-theme Animal Plants displayed the fashions with wild animal and plant. Sub-theme Tecno Eth displayed tradition cultural. Sub-theme Off Life show a gothic fashion which identified by black clothes to represents human creativity which be limited by political situation. Hard-Soft displayed army style to fight human war. Container displayed all fashions to critic globalization and free-trade. Sub-theme Rhythm displayed the beauty of difference which represented by traditional music and tecno-music.

There were many unique costumes to express each sub-theme such as wing with 5 meters width and hat with 2.5 meters height. This year, JFC also taked Minang land (West Sumatra culture) as inspiration to be represented with deluxe-style, fantastic and sensational fashion. Color of Gold, red, green and black were selected to be symbol of Indonesia glory in the monarch ages.

Now, JFC has participated in England, Mumbay-India and Shanghai-China. The next target is Rio de Janeiro Festival.

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See you on next 9th Jember Fashion Carnaval next year.

(Osa Kurniawan Ilham, Balikpapan-Borneo)

Reference: KOMPAS daily edition, 19 Aug 2009 page 36.