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Hello world !!!
Welcome to my blog “Living Indonesia Cultural”. Nice to meet you through this blog, hopefully you can enjoy it and send your feedback to me if you feel there is room to improve this blog.

Talking about Indonesia Culture, honestly I talk here that I am not a professor in cultural studies. I am also not artist or art activist. I am just a common citizen of Indonesia. I am just an engineer with working in instrumentation and control system engineering, definitely separated with cultural studies.

I make a blog which specifically talk about Indonesia culture because I was born in Indonesia, a country where rich of culture. I was born in the atmosphere of culture; I was also growing in the cultural life style. During my childhood, I could perform traditional dance. I used to sing traditional song and practicing customs and traditions. Until now I am still enjoying a culture based on customs and traditions even though I work in engineering domain.

Through this blog, I would like to promote my proud of Indonesia. A country with destiny to have ultimate diversity, diversity in ethnics and sub-ethnics, languages, life-styles and traditions. A country with ultimate creativity to produce cultural products such as dances, songs, handcrafts, architectures, folklores and legends.

I am sad as the nearest nation has claimed several our traditions to be their property without permission. Off course that action is disgraceful. Therefore to make a better understanding and perception, hopefully this blog will deliver to you the right information about our culture.

OK, please enjoy it.

Warm regards from Borneo, Indonesia.

Osa Kurniawan Ilham.